[Starter Guide] Best ESO Quest Leveling Guide

Congratulations, you have officially chosen your race, class, and faction! Now with empty bags and a hunger for adventure, you must prepare for the journey ahead. Look no further! This chapter will contain tips & tricks that will help every adventurer prepare for their journey.

In your encounters, players will see the vast expanse of geography that is the continent of Tamriel. From face melting lava, to freezing cold temperatures you must be prepared for any situation. Although treacherous, you will have your breath taken by the astounding sights ranging from the aurora borealis of Bleakrock Isle, to the first trees of Tamriel in Grahtwood of the Valenwood Provenance. Now that your character is created and you have gotten a taste for the massive array of skill trees in the game, we are now going to discuss the ins and outs of the typical daily happenings of Tamriel.


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Questing is in many cases, one of the best ways to progress your character in the Elder Scrolls Online. Not only do quests provide the information, background, and interesting interactions with the citizens of Tamriel, it is one of the most rewarding ways to level. Rewards for Questing can include:

  • Gold
  • Experience
  • Inspiration (XP for Crafting)
  • Crafting Writs Only
  • Skill Points
  • Achievement Based Quests
  • Alliance Points
  • PvP Currency
  • Armor and or Gear

There are several different categories of Quests. They include, Main Story Line, Side quests, Guild Quests, Crafting Writs, and Cyrodiil PvP. One great thing to know that for all Main Story line quests, a few guild quests, and all quests that have an associated achievement, you will be rewarded a skill point.